This is regarding a session I did sometime ago to help someone stop eating so much ice-cream.

mayfield chocolate icecream

How To Remove An Eating Addiction (And Have Fun Doing It) By Making Limbic Sandwiches

These contain the full story on what I was trying to do, what I actually did, how I did it, why I did it and what I could have done better:

  • Annotated Transcript (55 pages, PDF)
  • Audio Recording (63 minutes, MP3)

Listen in, follow along and discover: How The World’s Worst-Trained Therapist (me!) Removed The Bulk Of A 37-Year, Emotional-Eating Ice-Cream Addiction In 63 Minutes, Just By Talking!

6 Months After The Ice-Cream Session - Tammy Testimonial

(2 mins)

13 Months After The Diet Coke Session - Tammy Testimonial

(3 mins)

Tammy Marshall

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Want to go swimsuit shopping? First one who cries buys the ice-cream.


icecream killed the dinosaurs

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