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Even though there are a bazillion ways to slice and dice personality, I find the Myers-Briggs packaging of the Jungian functional preferences provides:

  • descriptive power in the form of comfort and relief that many other people experience life the way you do, and

  • prescriptive power in the form of predictive ways to handle typical problems-of-living

I’m a counsellor so if you’re not sure what you type as, or you’re not sure what it means, I’ll walk you through it - say hello.

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Short Test 1 - Find Out Your Myers-Briggs Type In 4 Questions

For each statement, choose one of the two options:

1) “The type of mistake I make more often is:

  • acting too fast, impulsively, without thinking things through.” (E)
  • thinking too much and hesitating before acting.” (I)

2) “I’m mainly interested in:

  • concrete, observable things happening now and I get annoyed by people who are unconnected to reality with their heads in the clouds.” (S)
  • ideas and concepts about the past causes, and future consequences, of the present moment and I get annoyed by people who get hung up on the details and who can’t see the forest for the trees.” (N)

3) “I’m deciding something important so I’m thinking about which decision:

  • makes the most logical sense taking into account all the factors.” (T)
  • is the best decision morally, socially or aesthetically.” (F)

4) “In my life:

  • I make plans, I like to have things decided and I’m sometimes too goal-focussed and miss new important information.” (J)
  • I take it as it comes, I like to stay open and improvise to respond to what happens and I sometimes miss making necessary decisions while I’m still exploring new information.” (P)

What did you get?

misunderstood child

Short Test 2

1) Are you moody (I) or annoying (E)?

2) Are you superficial (S) or a Know-it-all (N)?

3) Are you emo (F) or cold (T)?

4) Are you stressed (J) or a hippie (P)?

Short Test 3

4 questions (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4) from (Scroll down)

Long Test 1 - Find Out Your Myers-Briggs Type In Lots Of Questions

Lots of questions from

Long Test 2

Lots of questions from

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Basically we are all looking for someone who knows who we are and will break it to us gently.

Robert Brault

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