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“spawned the most extraordinary period of growth”

I’m happy with how my relationship and health are progressing and I also want to thank you for your coaching - it has spawned the most extraordinary period of growth since my depression 15 years ago and has put me on the path to being who I want to be.

(7 sessions over 3 months, USA)

“I’m back doing things that I enjoy doing”

I have been doing well, and haven’t had any panic attacks. I feel the symptoms here and there but not like before and I don’t panic from it. I still get nervous from any feeling of nausea but I honestly havent done the excecise you sent on a regular basis. I’m definitely much much better than before and I’m back doing things that I enjoy doing. You have really helped me a lot.

(4 sessions over 6 weeks, USA)

“If you are in any kind of distress, working with Owen is the greatest thing you can do for yourself”

I was in the middle of a crisis, which was ongoing for months, and was rapidly turning into a full blown trauma. I felt completely helpless, hopeless, lost, scared, suicidal, traumatized, victimized, angry, frustrated and very much at the end of my rope. I thought the emotional pain would never stop and was convinced that, not only was there no hope, but that there would NEVER be any hope. I seriously thought that if I took my life, everyone would be better off and maybe I’d even be more helpful ‘from the other side’.

Looking back now, it’s difficult to relate to any of that at all.

I laugh more. I feel happier. I have more and more moments of real bonding with my family. I’ve become more resourceful in ‘difficult’ situations which now seem not so difficult and I don’t ruminate on them or spend time going through the “I should have said that” or “I should have done that” scenarios. I stand up for myself more. I honour myself more. All the ‘unacceptable’ parts of myself that were seen as bad by other people no longer matter or their opinions no longer have an impact. I act and feel much more in control of my life and now choose my responses. I’ve learned that I don’t ‘have’ to feel that way - or any other way - if I choose not to.

My highs and lows aren’t all over the scale any more. My responses to people, places and situations that would have caused me to become incapacitated emotionally now have me responding in a very different and (for me) pleasing way. People are responding to me in a different and more pleasing way.

The tinnitus has virtually disappeared. There is supposedly no cure. It would vary between a high pitched whine, an ocean sound, or a combination of both, 24/7. I used to have chronic neck, shoulder and lower back pain and that is all disappearing. The TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder) is completely gone, with only the occasional click. All these things have been ongoing for roughly 35 years. I have no idea what it’s like to be pain-free, so this is also an adjustment period for me because I have to learn how to use my body properly again instead of always compensating for some thing or another.

Owen is also a very intuitive, kind, non-judgmental and humorous man. Trusting him is easy. I never once felt ashamed or humiliated for sharing something with him and I’ve had a lot of conventional therapy where I felt really stupid for not being able to deal with whatever it was and ‘just get over it’. If you are in any kind of distress, working with Owen is the greatest thing you can do for yourself. I promise you, you will never view the world in quite the same way.

(60 sessions over 2+ years, Canada)

I was under the belief that if I covered every single scenario, every possible outcome, I could get there before and prevent it - I just needed to try hard enough … I was THE BEST at worrying, and doomsday worst-case scenarios were my specialty, so Owen got me out of that. (2 mins, 3:10 - 5:18)

“You really helped me to see things differently”

You really helped me to see things differently, TAKE ACTION (which was so good) and to pull head out of ass! From there I was able to start doing something more effective. I now see the ‘reaction’ as actually a useful message that I wanted to do something differently.

(4 sessions over 6 weeks, Europe)

“I have gotten release working with Owen that I have not experienced with anyone else”

It has been weird how I have been at peace. I have had moments of sadness and anger and self pity but for the most part peace. I was finally able to see all of my co-dependency and control. I didn’t realize how shut down I had become trying to keep myself safe while cutting myself completely off and suffocating us both. I am totally amazed. I owe all this change to you and the God that brought you into my life. All this control, unforgiveness, fear has been blocking my heart for years.

I truly feel the way you do things has had more impact than any of the other stuff! I really don’t know why yours is different but it is. That Diet Coke is long gone. I don’t even think about chocolate ice cream or Wendy’s Frosty’s. Amazing stuff, I tried tapping on those things to no avail.

I have been doing ‘The Cookie’ on drug cravings and using dreams and am receiving incredible results. I am absolutely blown away. I worked on an IV heroin user - she was absolutely unable to find the craving or get any rush when we finished. Nothing, she has nothing. She has had no cravings or dreams. She doesn’t realize what has been removed. I feel confident she would have left treatment to get high had we not worked together. This is LIFE changing! Right now I have tested for 3 months with report of no return.

I am grateful for the different talent and experience of each practitioner I have worked with. Personally I have gotten release working with Owen that I have not experienced with anyone else. He can do in one session what was only talked about in traditional therapy. Owen has taught me some incredible techniques that I use. Our minds and bodies are so complex there are no one-size-fits-all solutions.

(25 sessions over 18 months, USA)

I’d made a relationship connection to ice-cream when I was thirteen years old … I continue to be amazed that it’s just gone … I can’t say enough about Owen and what he’s done for my life, and for my family’s life. (6 months after the ice-cream session) (2 mins)

For the last 25 years I have drank Diet Coke, I’m talking like 8 to 12 of those, what are they, 24-, 32- ounce servings a day. … I got really angry about something so I just whipped in to a fast-food restaurant and I went to order a Diet Coke and ‘Tea’ came out of my mouth and I was like ‘ohmigosh’ … I really believe that’s life-changing, so I owe that all to Owen. (13 months after the Diet-Coke session) (3 mins)

“better flow, than i have ever been in last 12 years”

I am doing better week by week, creating a new live, new friends, and bought a new appartement. I am really getting in a better flow, than i have ever been in last 12 years. My absurt stress reactions to sounds are gone. I am moving next month to the nearest big city, so my live has changed a bit!

(10 sessions over 6 months, Europe)

“you just changed my life forever!”

You pushed me past what seemed to be an impenetrable barrier today with six little words … you just changed my life forever! :) xo … feel like I was just run over by a train :/ … addressed lots of issues … Thanks for my last session - the most profound you’ve ever done I think! Still can’t get that ‘worried’ feeling … other changes too … and if I start to worry about something - it’s either ‘refocusing’ Any way, something that ‘I’ find funny! Looking forward to awesomeness and ‘discovering’ myself!! … Nah, shouldn’t be Owen Parachute… should be Owen FANTASTIC!!!!

(14 sessions over 18 months, Oceania)

“Thank you Owen for getting to the heart of the matter so quickly”

Thank you Owen for getting to the heart of the matter so quickly, (you have amazing skills for quickly bypassing the bullshit), for giving me new tools, and encouraging me to keep triggering the shit out of myself by going to those places that exist in my life right now that I have major resistance around and react strongly too - to be totally observant of what I do to trigger myself and to address it in the moment without getting caught up in the emotions.

(4 sessions over 2 months, Canada)

“You never let me get so far:) I felt very safe”

Thank you so much Owen Pearn :) The session today was really an eye opener. I had no idea how i skip the moment before i ‘feel bad’ Thank you very much for teaching what i really needed to learn about myself:) I really was prepared for lot of tears with a box of tissues:P You never let me get so far:) I felt very safe:) You are really awesome:)

(3 sessions over 4 weeks, Europe)


Owen … has been very suppotive of my choice of technique. He’s one cool dude. (USA)

Amazing, thank you so much. (Europe)

… very productive chat with Owen, who gave me practical and fresh insight. (Europe)

Got a very intresting session from Owen, and learned sooo much about myself, about kinestethic signatures. (Europe)

“you’re brilliant”

anon: i want to die… i’m not going to kill myself… but i wish i could die

anon: well you’re brilliant
anon: again THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH!!!

“ppl can be important”

anon: whats the best way to end my life

anon: thank you u made me realized how stupid was the thinking of ending my life just becouse i didnt knew ppl can be important no matter what they study

“you very likely saved my soul”

anon: my wife had some sort of existential/midlifecrisis and walked out on me

owenparachute: how much pain r u in?

anon: suicidal ideation

6 weeks later:

anon: what i wanted to tell you is that you very likely saved my soul, if not my marriage

“a big curtain has lifted”

Anon had “pretty bad panic disorder” and was freaking out on a regular basis. Her circle of safety was decreasing and she was unable to grocery-shop by herself. She really wanted to grocery-shop by herself. She’d been to various psychiatrist/psychologist-type people on and off for 10 years for this and other issues. We spent some time together over a few months. She now grocery-shops by herself.

anon: I was driving over the hill and I saw the supermarket and usually I’d be freaking out when I left the house but it’s like a big curtain has lifted.
owenparachute: So it’s late 2010, can you remember, before now, when you last went grocery shopping by yourself?
anon: 1996

“Thank GOD!! so how… how do I change this!!”

owenparachute: so i suggest to you that this is how you do relationships
owenparachute: this is how you learned to do it
owenparachute: and this is strike 3
anon: Ew! Really… because I hate it
owenparachute: dad, exfiance, best friend
anon: yeah it is strike 3… I don’t want to do this anymore!!
owenparachute: so i suggest to you that this is something you’re doing and it’s not about what your best friend is doing
owenparachute: there’s good news
owenparachute: if it’s someone else’s, you can’t change it
owenparachute: if it’s yours, you can
anon: Thank GOD!! so how… how do I change this!!

owenparachute: anything else before we go?
anon: nope. well except… jesus loves you…. aloha… and thanks

“One of the biggest things I learnt is how much control we have over our past”

(1 min)

“Ive done it to all the stuff and its worked”

owenparachute: do you replay your memories with her and beat yourself up with them?
anon: all the time

owenparachute: what happens when you close your eyes and try to replay THAT memory now?
anon: its weird

anon: i dont know

anon: i can try to think of it
anon: but i just sort of feel the spot where i hit my head

anon: and i cant really get mad about it now
anon: wtf

anon: i cant really even think about it

anon: i mean i can invision it but i cant get mad about it

anon: i want to like
anon: do the knocking thing for every bad memory ive ever had
anon: all 10 million of them

anon: what you just gave me I can honestly say may have been one of the biggest things
anon: i think i ever fucking heard

2 days later:

anon: the fuck have you found
anon: i struggle to understand the mechanism of this

anon: but this whole thing
anon: Ive done it to all the stuff and its worked

anon: turn those negative memories to positive ones

anon: its so smart