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ENFPs and INFPs can learn so much from each other because they each have what the other needs:

  • ENFPs tend to have tons of power and undeveloped purpose

  • INFPs tend to have tons of purpose and undeveloped power

ENFPs and INFPs share the same “Jungian function preferences”, just in a different order.

I guess this is really “NFP Army” since the other two idealist types (ENFJs and INFJs) in the Myers-Briggs hegemony are emo too but they operate very, very differently from ENFPs and INFPs.

P.S. I type as INFP and I love working with ENFP and INFP folks - Say Hello

Loving Advice From The Other Side

bonfire people

Big hearts and curious minds collide to make a fire to keep us all warm:

ENFP: “Will you HURRY UP? How are we supposed to FIND TEH AWESOME if we don’t TRY stuff? We have to look under ALL these rocks and there are a LOT of rocks.”

INFP: “Will you SLOW DOWN? How are we supposed to FIND TEH AWESOME if we don’t think about what might be under the rocks? We can’t POSSIBLY look under every rock.”

ENFP: “Wait, you just know what’s right before you try it? Are you fucking insane? P.S. I love you.”

INFP: “Wait, you just try stuff without regard to the consequences? Are you fucking insane? P.S. I love you.”

ENFP: “You have to try more new things.”

INFP: “But how do I do that?”

INFP: “You have to be more true to yourself.”

ENFP: “But how do I do that?”

ENFP: Every New Fucking Puppy

INFP: It’s Never Fucking Perfect

ENFP: “I found all these cool rocks so I made a rock-palace. At the supermarket. Next to the cheese.”

INFP: “I wrote a poem about my dream.”

ENFP: “What’s next?” (Ne-dom)

INFP: “What’s best?” (Fi-dom)

My belt holds my pants up, but the belt loops holds the belt up. I’m not really sure what’s going on down there. Who’s the real hero?

Mitch Hedberg

ENFP: “I need to experience something before I know how I feel about it.”

INFP: “I need to know how I feel about something before I do it.”


INFP: “But someone might be mean to me! Also I might die!”


ENFP: “But then I’m going to miss out!”

ENFP: “Today, I really connected with what’s important on the inside!”

INFP: “Ha! Ha! Ha!”

INFP: “Today, I took a lot of risks in the world!”

ENFP: “Ha! Ha! Ha!”

ENFP: “How the fuck do you Fi-dom? Do you just sit there and think about stuff and then you magically know without actually doing it? Do you cast Spells Of Divination or something?”

INFP: “How the fuck do you Ne-dom? Do you just try stuff without actually having some idea beforehand if it’s for the best or not? Do you realise you might die, or even worse, someone might judge you?”

Don’t tell me this problem is difficult. If it wasn’t difficult, it wouldn’t be a problem.

Ferdinand Foch, Commander-in-Chief Allied Armies WWI

ENFP: “What a world!”

INFP: “What a terrible, beautiful world!”

ENFP: “I want to do the world.”

INFP: “I want to do me.”

ENFP: “I want to explore the world.”

INFP: “I want to explore my values.”



ENFP: “What if what I do now LOCKS ME INTO A PARTICULAR FUTURE? OH NO! I have to try more stuff!”

INFP: “What if what I do now has VERY IMPORTANT, PERMANENT CONSEQUENCES and it’s the WRONG PATH? OH NO! I have to think about this for a few years.”

You can be surprisingly stupid if you’re sufficiently determined.

Paul Graham (Y combinator)

ENFP: “Let’s jump on a plane right now and see what happens! I would like a real fancy flight somewhere!” (prefer experiencing REAL possibilities (Ne-dom) then evaluating them (Fi-aux))

INFP: “Sometimes I want to travel the world, but then I realise I don’t actually want to. I just like imagining it! I would like an imaginary flight of fancy!” (prefer evaluating (Fi-dom) IMAGINARY possibilities (Ne-aux))

ENFP: “Your past is much less important than you believe it to be.”

INFP: “Your past is much more important than you believe it to be.”

ENFP: “You need to experience MORE at the (perceived) cost of less judgement, because it will help you become your best self faster.”

INFP: “Don’t be ridiculous.”

ENFP: “You think all the time without acting.”

INFP: “I am thinking about IMPORTANT THINGS.”

INFP: “You need to judge MORE and be MORE choosy at the (perceived) cost of less experience, because it will help you learn about, and experience MORE of, all the world’s possibilities.”

ENFP: “Don’t be ridiculous.”

INFP: “You act all the time without thinking.”

ENFP: “Hey look, I found a cool snail!”

ENFP vs INFP (4 mins) DaveSuperPowers

We live in a house made of each other.

George Watsky (Tiny Glowing Screens Part 2)


Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.

Anais Nin

stay free graffiti

This is a nonfiction account of a relay race to the light.

Buddy Wakefield

dancing white angel

Welcome home, it’s been so long.

Tina Tran (The Art of Letting Go)