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The fact of the matter is that if I worked a straight job I wouldn’t have time to do the serious business of my life, which is to amuse and delight, giving my rich friends a feeling of largesse, my poor friends a sense of high life and myself a true sense of accomplishment for having become a fixture and a rarity in this shark-infested metropolis.

Rene Ricard


The Sixteen Types: ENFP (13 mins) Michael Pierce

Revisiting the Types: ENFP (23 mins) Michael Pierce

ENFP Personality: Mind Wiring For Personal Growth (13 mins)


The key to a good life: excess in moderation. They’ll tell you moderation is the key to life but that’s bullshit. Excess in moderation. Don’t drink a few beers everyday after work. Wait ‘til the end of the month and drink all the beers at once. Get completely soused. Don’t get a $20 crackwhore on a whim. Save up and then get the $1,500 Heidi Fleiss high class call girl on New Year’s Eve and wake up with a damn good story. Don’t eat the stem of the mushroom and see a few colors. Eat the whole bag and see God. Just don’t do it everyday. If you practice in moderation you’ll never get the full effect. And don’t ever learn from other people’s mistakes. That’s the worst advice you could get. ‘Coz other people might have fucked it up, and you could be the one guy who can do it right, and be a hero for all of us. And finally, fuck someone uglier than you. Every now and then. Even if they don’t deserve it, ‘coz that makes people happy. It stays with you for a lifetime.

Doug Stanhope